Pompea: The Sleeper Sofa Disguised as Comfort

The Pompea seamlessly blends exceptional seating with a comfortable sleeping solution, all in a stylish design that disguises its functionality.

Uncompromised Comfort by Day and Night:

  • Luxurious Seating: Experience unparalleled comfort with the Pompea’s seat cushions, filled with a perfect blend of high-density, eco-friendly polyurethane foam and memory foam. This combination provides exceptional support and conforms to your body for ultimate relaxation during the day.
  • Innovative Sleep Technology: When it’s time for sleep, the state-of-the-art mechanism with wooden slats effortlessly transforms the Pompea into a comfortable sleeping space. The 6-inch thick, high-density Waterlilly® memory foam mattress is 100% natural, breathable, and offers pressure point relief, making it feel just like your regular bed.

Technical Details:

  • Optional thick stitch for added visual interest
  • Arms and back are detachable on sofabed version by just pulling up
  • Dimensions: D 41″ H 38″ AH 26″ SH 19″ SD 22″ MD 85” HM 22″ 
  • Synchronized metal bed mechanism with a beech wood slat base for long-lasting comfort and support
  • Reinforced elastic webbing for superior comfort in both seating and sleeping areas
  • High-density, eco-friendly polyurethane foam and memory foam seat cushions with Dacron wadding for ultimate comfort
  • High-density, eco-friendly polyurethane foam back cushions with Dacron wadding
  • Non-removable cushions for the sleeper sofa version (removable cushions available on the non-sleeper version)
  • Stainless steel foot finish options: Choose from a classic stainless steel or a modern stainless steel bronze finish.

Natural Leather Variations:

Please note that some natural leather options may exhibit slight color tone variations (up to 5%). This is a natural characteristic of genuine cowhide and adds to the unique charm of each piece.

Disclaimer: The manufacturer reserves the right to update technical specifications or materials to continuously improve product quality. Leather sofas are handcrafted, and dimensions may vary slightly depending on the leather chosen. However, these variations are minimal and do not affect the overall quality or functionality of the sofa.

Key Difference between Aurelia and Pompea:

While both Aurelia and Pompea are sleeper sofas, there might be a slight difference in the foot design based on the provided information. The description mentions “Stainless steel Arm Sled Finish” for Pompea, whereas Aurelia offers “Stainless steel Finish” options. It’s recommended to consult the manufacturer for confirmation on any specific design variations.

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