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Faz is a modular collection of outdoor furniture and planters designed by Ramón Esteve. He is the architect of harmony, serenity, timelessness and universality, and he has created mineral and emphatic shapes that make Faz a design that contextualizes with homes and installations. An ambience, encircling as a result of the blissful combination of the material and lighting, so that the sole sensation would be its fusion. Make it you by selecting the color and finish of preference, or illuminate your space with the LED option to create an extra WOW factor. Contact an Amodernary Representative for questions about Special Order Options !

*Please note: Lacquered Finish is not compatible for Outdoor use.

Any LED DMX Option requires a DMX Transmitter not included in pricing. You can shop your options Here

Polyethylene Resin
100% Recyclable
Available in 16 Matte Colors
Available in 16 Lacquered Colors
Available with Several LED Options:
White (Internal LED in White)
Dimensions | 78 3/4″ x 391/4″ x 28 1/4″
Commercially Viable | Yes


Step 1: Choose your Finish

Matte, Lacquered, LED, LED RGBW Battery, LED RGBW Cable, LED RGBW DMX Battery, LED RGBW DMX Cable

Step 2: Choose the Correlating Finish with Preferred Color

Ice – LED White, Ice – LED RGBW Battery, Ice – LED RGBW Cable, Ice – LED RGBW DMX Battery, Ice – LED RGBW DMX Cable, Lacquered – Anthracite, Lacquered – Beige, Lacquered – Black, Lacquered – Bronze, Lacquered – Crema, Lacquered – Champany, Lacquered – Ecru, Lacquered – Khaki, Lacquered – Modo Green, Lacquered – Navy, Lacquered – Orange, Lacquered – Plum, Lacquered – Red, Lacquered – Steel, Lacquered – Taupe, Lacquered – White, Lacquered – Purjai Red, Matte – Anthracite, Matte – Beige, Matte – Black, Matte – Bronze, Matte – Ecru, Matte – Ice, Matte – Khaki, Matte – Notte Blue, Matte – Orange, Matte – Plum, Matte – Red, Matte – Steel, Matte – Taupe, Matte – White, Matte – Green, Matte – Crema

Step 3: Choose the Core/Edge

HPL Black Edge, HPL Solid Core


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